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Drytac - suretac 38"X300' roll - psa-28380

Retail Price - $528 - Drytac.com
SureTac Premium solvent acrylic adhesive with lay-flat release liner
Drytac's SureTac consists of an aggressive, cross-linking, high-quality solvent acrylic adhesive coated on both sides of a 1.0 mil clear polyester carrier. It is now protected by a NEW thicker, 96 mil. lay-flat release liner.
Suggested Applications: SureTac is a very versatile adhesive, compatible with most media and substrates. Its solvent acrylic adhesive offers a stable and permanent bond for both indoor and outdoor use. Examples: long term museum displays, outdoor signs, etc.
Filmic Carrier: 1.0 mil (25 micron) clear polyester
Adhesive Base: Solvent acrylic
Realease Liner: Moisture-stable lay flat paper (96 lbs) (157 gsm)

Drytac - suretac 38